Individual Financial Services


We work with clients to define financial goals and help manage cash flow to accomplish these goals.  We start by tracking expenses and income on a monthly basis to help clients categorize spending and determine where adjustments can be made to achieve individual goals.  We also analyze cash flow on an annual basis to factor in irregular income and spending.

RFS-CPA employs a disciplined and structured approach to work closely with families to manage their personal affairs and ease the burden of their administrative responsibilities. We offer a broad range of services, which are coordinated with key family and business team members. We apply our proven expertise and attention to detail in the following areas:

  • Banking needs
  • Bill paying, financial records and cash management
  • Household payroll and reporting
  • Coordinating income tax and other compliance filings
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow management
  • Reconciliation of bank and investment accounts
  • Coordinating information flow with ongoing service providers
  • Tracking and analysis of family assets
  • Document and record management
  • Development of financial goals
  • Analysis of net worth and liquidity
  • Budgeting


Our specialty is in accounting and taxes. We also provide support for business or individual that needs assistance in audit purposes, proper tax planning, and financial planning.


7245 Rockbridge Rd.

Suite 300 #1913

Lithonia, GA 30058

(770) 484-6580